Imogen Heap Live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD and on demand release
Posted by Energy on 10 Feb 2011 04:24 pm

A press release has just gone out confirming the release of the November 5th Royal Albert Hall gig. The release doesn't give a date or much new info but the opening paragraph is enough to make fans happy.

UK - Currently being packaged for Video on Demand and DVD release, Imogen Heap's live show at the Royal Albert Hall was the largest High-Definition shoot to date for London agency Bluman Associates.

All I hope is that a BluRay release will be announced too!

If you'd like to read more click here

Intimate charity Cape Town gig with live webcast
Posted by Energy on 01 Feb 2011 12:33 pm

A new gig has been announced for the lucky people in Cape Town, South Africa. It's going to be a very small (only 100 people) show, with 50% of profits going direct to charity (the charity is still to be confirmed). The price for a ticket is 999rand (£86.85 / $139.99) and will be on a small Veranda.

The show is this Thursday 7pm local time - although has given a nice link to show what time the gig will be wherever you are in the world. This will be exceptionally useful for finding when the gig will broadcast live online at During the live show, viewers will also be given the chance to dontate to Immi's chosen charity.

Please email for ticket availability and payment instructions.


Midem reveals more details about the new march single
Posted by Energy on 22 Jan 2011 12:14 pm

This march is going to be an exciting month for Imogen Heap fans. As we've discussed earlier, the next single in Imogen Heap's collection is going to be 'crowd sourced'. While we've speculated what that may imply - midem, a show for musicians and studios to discuss ideas, has revealed a bit more about the plans.

In a interview with Immi and Damian Kulash (from OK Go!) they discussed a few topics but one bit that stood out:
In March, Heap is planning another event, where she’ll aim to write a song online with the help of her fans over the course of a week. They’ll submit audio clips, lyrics and videos, which Heap will then use as the basis for a song. “We’re planning to do one every three months,” she said.

So audio clips, lyrics, and videos... excited!

Crowd sourced song to be done in March (and new gloves)
Posted by Energy on 20 Jan 2011 10:28 am

Immi has let slip a few more details about a new song idea for March. This could be the single that was mentioned earlier or could be something else.

The plan would be a crowd sourced song, this would mean the fans will help infulence the song. There are many different ways that she could approach this, and I'm intruiged to see her spin on things.

Maybe people could submit samples to Immi? Maybe it's a case of selecting a key and tempo, similar to the recent improvs.

One group that recently did something similar was Enigma and their 'Social Song'. They did the song design in stages with fans voting for different elements of the song. First was a vocal competition, followed by they type of song (slow, anthem or ballad), a key instrument was chosen and finally fans got to design the cover. It was a good experience and fans got to feel like they were kept in the loop with demo samples and updates. It finished with a free download of the song. It was a great experience but I hope Immi takes it a step further.

Immi also mentioned some excitement about a glove. This may seem very weird on it's own, unless it was particularly cold and this was a wonderfully warm and fluffy glove... however... pair it with @teamaxe's tweet 'Back from the eastside @imogenheap was digging the gestural music tool I am currently building for her' and you start to see what's going on.

Looks like come May you might see immi being able to control her instruments with literally a flick of a wrist and clicking a few fingers. Can't wait to see that.


Imogen Heap performing in Singapore and New Zealand festivals
Posted by Energy on 20 Jan 2011 10:12 am

Imogen Heap has appeared on the line up for two festival shows in Singapore and New Zealand. Bob Dylan is also to appear at the Singapore festival which is taking place on the F1 track. We're not the only ones to wonder what a collab between Immi and Bob Dylan would be like... it's unlikely to happen, but who knows right?

Date for the Rock & Roots show in Singapore is the 15th and 16th April at the Marina Promenade. More information here

Date for the Grassroots Festival in Manukau, the Puhinui Reserve, New Zeland is the 23rd and 24th April. More information here

Both venues sound stunning and the festivals should be a lot of fun. Let us know if you're going.

(Thanks for DavidB for the heads up on this)


Capetown, South Africa, shows sold out
Posted by Energy on 18 Jan 2011 04:22 pm

Just a quick post to let you know that the shows in Capetown are not sold out (the title says it all really). The official site states that the dates in Johannesburg are selling fast so if you're interested in going get a ticket quick!

If you're going let us know what the shows are like, they're the first in 2011 and the first in Africa. Have fun!


New Imogen Heap single out before April
Posted by Energy on 15 Jan 2011 10:57 pm

Based on Immi's latest tweet, the rumblings of new Immi music (reported earlier) is starting to become a bit clearer. Recently, posted on her twitter, Imogen talked about a new instrument that she has gained. A double ocarina (the link is a pic is of hers)

When asked by the user @eVil_sQuirrelus when we would get to hear it, her response was:
maybe on the next single release smile.gif more on that soon... Will be out before April. X

So a new single could be only a few months away... Exciting!

As for Ocarina's there's a wonderful iPhone app out there called ocarina that lets you play one on the device if you're interested.


Rumblings of new Imogen Heap Music
Posted by Energy on 06 Jan 2011 11:13 am

Not too much to report at the moment, but a few hints were posted on the 'iBabble' that there could be new Immi music hitting our ears sooner than expected. Wouldn't that be a great way to start the year?

Also in short news Immi posted a wonderful new years eve video so have a look if you haven't seen it yet... check it out here

Hope you've had a good christmas / new year break! Now on with 2011

Road to RAH paved with mini trees
Posted by Energy on 26 Oct 2010 02:12 pm

DavidB on the iBabble forum found this wonderful blog post from arris bespoke furniture creators. They are the creators of the tree that appears in the centre of the stage at Immi's gigs.

Recently they've created a new big tree and are now busy creating 10 smaller trees for Immi's Royal Albert Hall show. Click here to view the blog post, full of images


Human Trafficking and Slavery DVD Kits Now Available
Posted by lovehound on 23 Sep 2010 10:38 pm

The anti-slavery documentary film "Call + Response" we mentioned here a little while back has been released on DVD (in kit format), and the website appears to have been updated and greatly revamped to provide more detailed (and disturbing) information about the modern global slavery epidemic. Imogen performed a beautiful exclusive version of "The Moment I Said It,"for the film, which you can see here.